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Fluor-A-Dent Information For Patients

Truth or Dare: Do You Floss Well?

Now let's be honest with ourselves. We have all been to the dentist and had him or her tell us that we must clean between our teeth. We have been told about periondontitis, pyorrhea, gum disease and all of those other gross terms that mean your breath smells, your gums bleed and you feel guilty about going to the dentist because you know the hygienist is going to lecture you.

Now the dare: Almost twenty years ago, after beginning my practice enthusiastically and vigilantly instructing flossing to all my patients, I came to a remarkable conclusion. Only about three percent of my patients floss well enough to control gum disease. It was setting up an adversarial relationship between us as the person felt guilty coming in each time having to admit that he or she hadn't flossed well. The ones who thought they were flossing well weren't doing it properly, and even dentists were admitting they were having continued inflammation in gum tissues - national lecturers would say that it was normal to have some bleeding spots between the teeth.

Precision Interdental Sticks

At that time, I dared myself to try something new and now I dare you to try what has been wildly successful for me and my patients over the last twenty years. They are called precision interdental sticks. Depending on the space between your teeth, they can be anything from plastic sticks to what is called Stimudents. The universal stick that I have found is only made in one place in the world, Norway, and is a precision birch stick we call Fluoradents. Through using these sticks, you can eliminate the need to floss, massage the gums to total health and do so most any place, any time, without having to be in the bathroom or figure out how to hold the ungamely string.

The dare is: Try Fluoradents for 21 days straight. If you are like 95 percent of my patients, the difference will be remarkable, and you will be hooked for life. Imagine a happy hygienist, fresh breath, no advancing gum disease, and greatly reduced cavities through cleaning the teeth and gums well between the tooth surfaces.

Preventing and controlling tooth and gum disease shouldn't be hard and frustrating. Enjoy a beautiful smile for a lifetime with greatly lowered dental costs... I DARE YOU.

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