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Fluoradents Information For Dentists

  • Empower your patients to enjoy coming for their cleanings with no pain during cleanings
  • Save your hygienists time with much less inflammation and calculus
  • Fluoradents are easy to explain and patients just "get it"


Empower Your Patients to Periodontal Health: A Paradigm Shift in Periodontal Home Care

Are you looking to differentiate your practice?

How much happier will your patients be if they didn't need the semi annual "Are you flossing daily?" confrontation?

What if, without flossing, they could have truly healthy interproximal gingiva?

You, as an excellent general dentist, work hard to get your patients to clean between their teeth, usually with flossing. Now to be honest… What percent of your practice cleans the 112 surfaces of teeth and gums (28 teeth X2 surfaces of teeth x 2 gingival papilla ) every day? Studies show only 9% of the adult population flosses well enough to control periodontal disease.

Precision Dental Sticks

Over the past years we have utilized inter-dental stimulator's, i.e. Stimudents , brush interdental stimulators, thin toothpicks, plastic toothpicks, rubber tips etc. All had some advantages and the compliance for my patients was better than flossing, but still they all had disadvantages: usually they were too thick to get completely through the inter-proximal spacing, a problem of the sticks breaking, not massaging the gums or ineffective plaque removal.

Fluoradents are the only interdental cleaners that:

  1. Massage the gums
  2. Are thin enough to clean between almost all teeth
  3. Have fluoride and mint impregnated in the stick
  4. Are conveniently packaged to be able to be used anywhere

Imagine your patients presenting with no interproximal bleeding upon probing, feeling excited about how their gums feel and loving the freshness of their mouth. Additionally, as now we are having our teeth throughout life, it is good to burnish fluoride along the interproximal root surfaces where we are seeing an ever increasing frequency of root caries. Most importantly, gingival massaging is critical now with the increasing volume of research showing chronic inflammation implicated in heart disease, Alzheimer's, and even cancer! It is said the #1 place for chronic inflammation in the body is in the mouth with periodontal disease.

Your patients will thank you for giving them the option of Fluoradents!