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Here's What Our Customers are Saying

They work great! I use them after every meal! They are remarkably effective and keep my gums healthy!

- Jack

I have been using Fluoradents for many years ever since Dr. Steinke suggested them. It took some learning to get it right and his staff was very good at teaching me. Now I use them every night while watching TV or reading. The results are great because my periodontal exams always result in good numbers. They work and everyone I have shared them with likes them as well. They are much better than flossing because you can take your time and do it right without the mess that flossing creates.

- Kent

I’ve been using Fluoradents for many years now, and can share that they are clearly a superior toothpick. Having started with the Stimudent product, and having bought another pick (made in Switzerland from a different wood), I believe the Fluoradent is as good as it gets. 100 double-ended toothpicks per inexpensive box, they are handy, and easy to use after every time I eat or snack. They are also less brittle than the Swiss product.

I would love to visit the manufacturer in Norway to see how these are produced, as we in Maine have a ready supply of birch. I have given these to a number of friends as well as my own dentist, with lots of satisfaction all ‘round.

Did I mention they are totally bio-degradable? Even re-usable? Or that my hygienists have told me that they must be working, given the state of my teeth. And no floss!

The only problem with Fluoradents is that they don’t seem to be widely available, but can be bought by the case from Merlin Enterprises. Buy a case, and share with friends!

- Tom W

I love Fluoradents. I have a sensitivity to plaque buildup and Fluoradents does a much better job keeping it at bay than floss or plastic dental sticks. In addition, some of my bottom teeth were too close together and over just the first six months of using Fluoradents sticks my teeth spread a part a little and I no longer need to consider having a tooth removed to make space. Besides the benefits to my teeth, I cannot stress how enthused I am that they're made of birch wood and completely biodegradable! They're also extremely quick and easy to use. I recommend them to everyone I know and have no complaints.

I hope my comments are helpful!
Thank you for making such great dental sticks :)

- Hazel

I LOVE Fluoradents! I just wish they could be shipped to my new home in Portugal! My last order is waiting for me when I return to the states next month, and my current supply is getting low.

Fluoradents are just the right shape and thickness. I usually share my order with a friend and she agrees.

I always stick a few in my purse when going out to dinner. It would be great if there was a small case for 3 or 4, for that purpose. (as they can be sharp when encountered unexpectedly)

Keep making them!!!

- Jane H

I have been using Fluoradents once a day for years and consider it a vital part of my dental hygiene routine.

- Scott C.

I have used Fluoradents. I find them very easy to use and have been a regular multiple daily habit for quick use. My regular routine cleaning visits at the dentist have yielded reduced plaque buildups. I haven’t used floss in years.

Thanks for your great product!

- Rich M Cape Cod

Prior to my becoming a patient at this office, I said “nothing can beat the good ‘ole floss” for getting in between your teeth”.

However, once this office gave me a new toothbrush and ”Fluor-a-Dents” after my cleaning, I kind of said, “Oh, I’ll probably never use these, since I love the regular flossing”. Guess what? Once I gave them a try, I was hooked! There truly is no other product that cleans as well as these!

- Rhonda N.

I have been using your Fluoradents forever, since you have made them available. When I moved and transferred my care to a new Dentist, I was so thrilled that I could still purchase these! I don't feel complete with my daily dental hygiene without using these. I have healthy gums because of these. Thank you for keeping the supply available to us all. I do miss going to Dr Steinke's office for my dental care.

Thank you so much!

- Lesa K

My dentist gave me some Fluor-a-Dent toothpicks and I use them about three times a day, after meals. They are easy to use and it takes very little time to remove food particles that are stuck between my teeth. I don’t go any where without them.

- Tom

My husband and I love Fluor A Dents! We were introduced to them about a year ago, and find them much easier to manipulate than floss, and much more pleasant to use. As a result, we are "flossing" much more regularly, and our dentist has noticed improved gum health. We also like that little plastic is added to our waste stream, that the wood is compostable.

Great product!

- Anabel and Gray